Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fencing Documentary

Concurrent to working on EYES, I have also been co-creating a documentary about fencing. This project fulfills the criteria for my final year documentary module. The project itself is comprised of a 6 minute documentary, a 40 second trailer and a 30,000 word wiki recording and reflecting on the process of making the documentary. The six month process of making this documentary has been very rewarding and the experience gained has been hugely beneficial to EYES; for instance, the technical problems we encountered with the documentary's shoot enabled me to eliminate them from occurring with the EYES, see Vlog 6. My overall skillset has greatly improved as a result of undertaking this documentary project.

Another significant learning outcome came from the artistic form of the documentary and how this would appeal to our target audience. As such, the style of the documentary as being very flash and informative came from a desire to make the documentary appeal to a wide target audience. As the main narrative aim of the documentary is moving beyond the elite stereotype and exposing the truth of fencing being a sport for anyone, we wanted to make the documentary appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers. 

Below, I have embedded the documentary and the trailer. Also included are the reflective commentaries I made for the documentary and the trailer.

In its first week on YouTube, the documentary received over 1000 views!

Documentary + Reflective Commentary

The 'Fencing' documentary provides an examination of fencing as a sport and a hobby as it exists in the modern idiom. Combating assumptions about elitism and identifying challenges to both professionals & amateurs. Culminating in a thoroughly entertaining, charming and interesting experience that will leave the viewer with a respect and admiration for a sport that truly deserves it.

Trailer + Reflective Commentary

University: The Final Act!

I need this!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Return to the Weir: EYES Filming Day 4 (Pick-ups)

Mykel, Matt and myself filmed four new shots. 

Pick - up shot 1. A shot with Mykel's back to camera performing all of the scene right up to when he turns around to take the cube.

Pick up shot 2 - A close up of Mykel's face when he is performing this part of the scene.

Pick up shot 3 - we had to redo the shot of Mykel putting the cube down as it does not match up with the way the cube is placed down in the earlier shots. We had to do multiple takes of this to ensure I had shots that matched up with the previous takes of Mykel putting the cube down in the preceding shots.


Pick up shot 4 - As we had to re-do the placing down of the Rubik cube shot (see above) this meant that we also needed to re-do the shot of the Rubik cube on its own. As with pick-up shot 3 we did multiple takes of this shot with the Rubik cube placed in different positions to insure I had something that matched up with the new and old footage captured.

In addition to the shots above, after Mykel had gone home, with Matt's assistance I tried out an further extension of pick-up shot 4. This new idea is cliffhanger-like ending to make up for the absence of the trailer and something that you can see when I complete the rough cut...

Remember This - Filming Day 7 (Pick-ups)

We shot some pick-ups today. It's filming day 6 because I wasn't there for filming day 5. In the evening, we also shot some pick-ups for EYES, see Vlog 12.

Friday, 12 April 2013

EYES Pilot - Editing Session 1

I made some substantial progress on the edit today. I got about two minutes edited which is pretty good going for seven hours work. 

Today was also filming day 6 of Remember This. However, I was not in attendence because the filming was taking place in the Victoria Art Gallery and, as such, only a skeleton unit (Matt, George, Sarah and Mykel) were present.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dissertation Madness

The term 'shut in' does not even begin to describe what my dissertation has turned me into over the past 5 days.