Wednesday, 2 October 2013

EYES - A Web Series Concept Proposal Package

EYES is an experimental, dramatic, surrealistic, cognitive web series concept proposal package that is a reflexive expression of contemporary networking attitudes and their implications on our ways of being. The project was orchestrated as my final year creative enterprise project/practical dissertation. With this project I have endeavoured to create a highly progressive concept for a web series story-world; in addition to providing an example of the storytelling potentials offered by the emerging web series medium and of a larger transmedia entity.

When I officially submitted the project for examination on the 20th May, 2013 it was unfinished. However, as my guiding tutor, Kate Pullinger, commented: "These materials are comprehensive and strong, showing a close attention to detail throughout... verging on the overwhelming, from an assessor's point of view." EYES went on to be awarded the highest mark of the 2012-13 Creative Enterprise Project module!

The Project Components

  • A Series Bible document that provides an overview for the EYES web series concept proposal. It details the story-world rules, storylines, characters, target audience, format, thematic focus and artistic/film formulaic style. 

  • A Pilot Episode (Episode One: "Search Me") that is a seven minute introductory episode that establishes the form, tone, story and main characters of the EYES web series story-world. Ultimately, the pilot is an expression of the dramatic, surrealistic and cognitive ideas detailed in the Series Bible.

  • A Planning Portfolio document that is an 11,000 word detailed overview of the research, planning and administration I conducted for the project. 

  • EYES of a Storyteller is the blog/portfolio that I have been using to chronicle and reflect on the development of the entirety of the EYES project; as well as hosting the plethora of materials generated for the project.

Originally there were two additional components of the project - a Mock-Up Trailer and an original Video-Centric Website - but these were abandoned due to a lack of time. For more on the project's development, see the vlog posts and my final reflection

People like me have something inside... something to do with film.

My full range of roles included: Creator, Showrunner, Researcher, Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor and Co-Producer. In terms of the workload I would rather not have fulfilled all of these roles, but I did so as EYES provided an opportunity for me to demonstrate that I was capable of executing all of these skills. However, I was not the sole practitioner of this project, see project members.

While I do not intend to continue the EYES project as an ongoing web series in itself, I have presented the entirety of the project on this blog/portfolio as a record of the experimentation and research I conducted while orchestrating the project and how that experimentation and research has allowed me to grow as a storyteller, a researcher and a filmmaker. Ultimately, in addition to Ways of Being: The Spectator and the Spectacle, this blog/portfolio exists as a testament to the knowledge and experience I have acquired as a result of undertaking my undergraduate degree, BA (Hons) Creative Writing with Film and Screen Studies, and my proactive abilities as a creative progressive thinker; as my final year tutor, Mike Johnston, commented: “I can't help but feel your careful consideration and reflection has developed formidable power. I wish that all my students had a fraction of your application and drive to dig deeper."

Additionally, if you would like to contact me to query me on anything that is one this blog/portfolio or would like to discuss potential future opportunities and/or collaborations, then please do so via the contact page and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

EYES is a mystery wrapped in an enigma contained within a Rubik cube.

I hope you enjoy exploring the project and making sense of EYES, it has certainly been a pleasure to orchestrate!

Peter O'Brien,
Bath, UK.

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