Tuesday, 20 August 2013

EYES Documentation

As EYES was a final year creative enterprise project, there is a great deal of extra material that was generated during the course of orchestrating the project. When I submitted the project back in May, together with the primary elements (Series Bible, Pilot, Pilot Script and this blog), I also submitted a hard copy appendix.

I submitted the project on the 20th of May.

As this blog is also the projects portfolio, I was very keen to include all of the project materials on it; as such via a Google Drive folder and I have digitised other documents where necessary. To access the folder, follow the link below:

I have arranged the documents into relevant folders.

The documents included are: Series Bible, all drafts of the Planning Portfolio, all drafts and variations of the Pilot script, my marks and feedback, reference guides (free e-books), risk assessments, shot lists, filming permits, Survey Monkey feedback results, Time Investment Log Sheets, weekly project sync documents and other (general) materials.

I want to put the entirety of this project on this blog/portfolio so all the world can see it.