Tuesday, 30 July 2013

EYES Pilot - Rough Cut 8

Here I have done a few more minor tweaks and fixes. The final shot has been smoothened as it was originally shaky due to the wind and the static shot of the Jazzmeister's eye will be replaced by a live action one which I will shoot some time this week.

Basically, I'm at the point where there is not much more I can or want to do with the edit.

Aside from colour grading and the odd technical fix (mostly where I fucked up the focus) there really is not much more I want to do and, quite frankly, I am at the point where I want to move on from this thing.

I will put the latest rough cut up in a bit and I will endeavour to come in tomorrow afternoon to do some more fixes. But aside from coming in next week to give everything a final going over and at some point finalising the sound design with Daniel we are almost done!

I want to devote a whole day to the colour grade because it needs to be spot on and, hopefully, that day will be next Wednesday...

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Today I officially graduated from Bath Spa University with a First Class Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing with Film and Screen Studies. However, I did not actually go to the graduation ceremony as I have a problem with having to pay for my own graduation ceremony, I feel this is something the University should cover. The fact that I did not go is slightly more annoying because yesterday I discovered my theoretical dissertation, Ways of Being: The Spectator and the Spectacle, has received the highest mark ever awarded to a dissertation in the film department at Bath Spa University; as well as being awarded a prize for £50 from the film department, I would have been awarded this today with my degree. 

The graduation card from my Mum.

This is not the only piece of good news for today because I had an interview at the Sunflower Film & Creative Agency in Bath about getting some work and the creative director is very keen to get me involved! So we will just have to see... but he practically said he was going to give me some work. 

However there is more good news about today, the 20th of July, because I have now gone a full year without any alcohol (I abstained from it because I wanted to well in my final year) and this is day, last year, that I was lucky enough to see The Dark Knight Rises at the BFI IMAX. This was the event that served as the progenitor for the direction of my final year (If you read my theoretical dissertation, you should begin to understand) and anybody who really knows me (on Facebook) will tell you that this event has been a hugely influence for me this year!

The 20th of July is very good day - DESHI BASARA :D

Friday, 19 July 2013

EYES Pilot - Rough Cut 7

Another day of hard work means another rough cut.

This one has some significant changes in it. The most significant changes are a major re-thinking of the lower weir flash back scene/memory with Ella (Letitia Ringshaw/Tish) and the changing of Ella's name to Turner. This change of name is something that I have contemplated on for a while now. It comes from an artefact of sound I found in one of the shots of Boris (Mykel Elledge) playing with Rubik cube by the weir. 

 While fiddling with the cube, Mykel whispers something along the lines of 'turner', 'turn it', 'turning'. Regardless of what Mykel actually says, I always heard it as Turner and figured it would be a nice unintentional ghost/subtextual element to incorporate; as such, I have placed the 'Turner' bit of dialogue at three points in the pilot and this dates back to rough cut 1. It is only now that the cohesion of the whole thing is starting to come together that I have decided to directly connect this whisper of 'Tuner' to Tish's character and remain that character Turner.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dream - Motivational Video

I just came across this - very inspirational!

"This is what I believe and I am willing to die for it. Period." 

My course is set.

EYES Pilot - Rough Cut 6

Here I have done some more leveling of the sound, some more trimming and inserted a few new pieces of footage. The logic of the whole thing is starting to coalesce into a coherent whole - this has come a long way since the shooting script!

The climb up the mountain continues, but the end is in sight...

Friday, 12 July 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

EYES Pilot - Rough Cut 5

I have had a slight fiddle with a few of the shots, I have done some more trimming and I have been levelling out all of the sound.

There is still more to do...

Editing Rough Cut 5

The joys of levelling the edit's audio.