Evernote Notebooks

Originally, the contents of these notebooks were hosted on a different cloud notebook service - Springpad - that has since been discontinued. However, I have imported all of their contents into evernote and below have provided links to those notebooks.

I consider these notebooks a part of the project's appendix and they should be reviewed as such!

Creative Enterprise Project module notebook

Web Series Stuff notebook

EYES Pilot notebook

EYES Pilot Script notebook

EYES Promotion notebook

EYES Series Bible notebook

EYES Target Audience

EYES Trailer

EYES Website

Below I have also provided links to the notebooks for my two other final year modules: Documentary Making and Film Dissertation, as the research I did for these has had a very direct impact on the work I have done as part of the Creative Enterprise Module, and vice versa.

Documentary notebook

Film Dissertation notebook

The original version of the this post with the original Springpad notebooks embedded within it proved to be very popular when I first published it in May, 2013, as it was picked up and promoted by the Springpad social media team - you can view that original post here, not that it is much to look at without the embedded notebooks.