Project Members

Peter O'Brien
Creator, Showrunner, Researcher, Co-Producer, Director, Writer, Director of Photography and Editor

People like me have something inside... something to do with film. 
I am a writer, researcher, filmmaker and progressive thinker.

I would not have been able to produce this project without the investment and belief of the following five people.

Mykel Elledge

Training to be a lecturer of Acting, I am gaining as much experience as possible in both film and stage. I have been acting from a young age, giving my all to every role while learning from them.

Claire Rowbotham

Performing Arts graduate, trained in theatre and tv/film acting, also trained with Bristol Old Vic and attended ITV West Workshops. Experience as a Producer and First Assistant. About to start work with a touring Theatre In Education company.

Letitia Ringshaw
Turner and Production Assistant

Film Graduate, reviewer, and general inspired person.
Daniel Tapper
Sound Designer

Sound artist exploring very low frequency signals in the VLF band, tunnel ambiences and generative art.

Matt Coot

Writer, Film-maker, Bath Spa University graduate and Doctor Who Fan.


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