Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Encounters 2013 - Launch

This year I am volunteering at the Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival in Bristol. I did this for four reasons:
  1. I love film. 
  2. I wanted an opportunity to network and build up my contacts for future projects.
  3. I wanted an opportunity to do some hands-on research.
  4. I am moving to Bristol and I figured it would be a good way to get to know some other like-minded individuals. 

Encounters 2013 Launch Event @ Creative Common

The main festival itself does not happen until the latter half of September (17th - 22nd) and at the moment the festival is having some fringe events. 

The full festival guide can be seen here.

Aside from volunteering for the whole of the main festival events, do not ask me how many of the fringe events I have volunteered for because I can not remember, but I will endeavour to go to as many as I can! 

Creative Common is a part of the re-development that is happening next to Bristol Temple Meads.

There was not much for the other volunteers and myself to do at the Launch event and we were told that this was really just a chance to get everyone together. However, I used it as an opportunity for research (see Ways of Being and Ways 2 Interface) and observed the audience habits as they experienced the films.

It was a surprisingly good turn out.

The screenings were held in the Creative Common circus tent.

The Encounters milk float.

Encounters 2013 looks set to be a very promising experience and I look forward to doing more work as part of it!

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