Wednesday, 10 October 2012

EYES of a Stoyteller: NOW OPEN!

This is where I'll introduce you to my new blog!
My name is Peter O'Brien and I'm currently in my final year of my undergraduate degree, Creative Writing with Film and Screen Studies, at Bath Spa University. The modules I'm taking this year are Film Dissertation, Short Form Documentary Making and Creative Enterprise Project. For my interests check out my Pinterest boards
Me: looking smug (Ignore the name badge).

I've created this blog, EYES of a Storyteller, specifically to chronicle the development of my Creative Enterprise Project. The CEP module is pretty much what it says on the tin: you have to produce a Creative Enterprise Project for the module. As this blog will form a part of my final grade, I fully intend to put a lot of work into it. 

I've already written a number of posts for the Facebook group I created for my CE project. These posts will be re-posted on this blog in their original chronological order and on the dates I originally posted them in the Facebook group. 

I originally put them in the Facebook group because I wanted to spend a bit of time putting this blog together and I felt it was important to record my ideas and opinions down somewhere, opposed to just letting them float away. Putting them in the Facebook group also enabled me to share my ideas with anyone who was interested in getting involved with my CE project. 

The Introduction posts for the Facebook group

I won't spend any time detailing the ideas I have for my project in this post, as this is clearly laid out in the posts I have already written. I will put together a "About the Project" page which I will add to the navigation bar under the blog banner and which will provide a brief overview of my project (an overview which will probably change).

This blog should be thought of as a notebook (the blog design itself is still a work in progress). Therefore, as much as there will be well-written and thought-out posts, there will be an equal amount of not so well-written and thought-out posts (I seem to be leaning more towards abstract thinking and stream-of-consciousness writing these days). Although, I will make it as interesting and entertaining as possible. 

Me: writing this post and freezing to death - the joys of being a student!

I will post links, articles, videos, photos, etc - anything that I come across that has an influence on my CE project will be posted on this blog. This blog is the hub-notebook-chronicler for my CE project, do not expect it to be War and Peace!

If anyone happens to stumble on this blog and is interested with its content, then they are more than welcome to interact with the content and myself with opinions and suggestions (just comment on a post). I am also very interested in hooking up with other people and blogs that are running their own creative enterprise projects.

For anyone who is interested, I also have two other blogs.

(this one is updated daily, more or less).

(this one is updated not so daily). 

Check the side bar for my other online profiles, I like networking. 

Thanks for reading and keep those eyes open.