Friday, 29 March 2013

Berberian Sound Studio

Daniel Tapper, the sound designer for EYES, suggested this to me. LOVEFiLM finally sent this to me yesterday and I watched it last night - I was completely blown away by it! This is a truly amazing film that has a lot to say about the magisterial power of cinema. Not since Attack of the Killer Tomatoes has a film made food so terrifying to watch (I mean this as a genuine compliment). 

Daniel suggested it to me because he said it had a very David Lynch feel to it and, in many ways, reminded him of my concept for EYES. I am so pleased I finally watched this and have no doubt that it will influence how I edit the Pilot and how Daniel and myself construct the soundtrack. 

Below is Mark Kermode's review for Berberian Sound Studio. For me, his review really sums up why the film is brilliant.

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