Sunday, 19 May 2013

EYES Pilot

Due to the extraodinary workload of this module and my other two modules (Documentary Making and Film Dissertation), I have not been able to complete a final cut of the EYES Pilot Episode. However, this is not something I will apologise for and I do not believe that it is detrimental to overall success of my project. In fact, I would rather submit a rough cut and openly admit it was a rough cut, instead of trying to submit something that I was pretending was a final cut. A good editing job requires 80% of the overall production time! For more of my reasoning in this respect, see the vlog below.

The primary reason I enrolled on the Creative Enterprise Module was so I could produce a film-like entity that I could put into my professional portfolio to demonstrate my theoretical and practical filmmaking skills. Therefore, the Pilot will endure long after I am finished with module and I fully intend to complete the Pilot episode. As much as I want to finish it, I have to finish it to ensure that the other members can use it to demonstrate their work, as I promised. Myself and Daniel are already planning out when we are going to meet up for additional sound design session. 

Therefore, while I have not a fully complete project for the module, the module has enabled me to create a project and a mindset that will endure beyond it. Surely, this is the point of the module. 

As this is a rough cut, the current state of the picture and sound are indicative in terms of layout and style, they are by no means representative of the final presentation quality. 

Below I have embedded rough cut 2, the most up to date edit of the Pilot and rough cut 1 that features some of the intended sound design for the final cut. The final video is my reflective commentary on the Pilot and the overall EYES web series concept, this video provides many explanations.

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