Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Survey Monkey: EYES Pilot - Rough Cut 2 Questionnaire

Using Survey Monkey, I created an online questionnaire for the second rough cut of the Pilot episode. I didn't do this for the first rough cut as it was missing the first scene, a scene that is curicial in order to understanding the whole thing. Therefore, I waited until I had a thorough representation of what the final product would look like, as now represented in the second rough cut, before I started testing its effectiveness with its target audience. While I'm not able to complete a final cut for the submission, the results of this questionnaire will enable me to identify any problems in the edit and to implement refinements for the when I do complete a final cut, for my proffesional portfolio. 

Below are the 10 mostly multiple choice questions that make up the questionnaire.

Questions 1 & 2

Questions 3 & 4
Questions 5 & 6

Questions 7 & 8

Question 9
Question 10

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