Sunday, 19 May 2013

The End User: Rough Cut 2 Feedback

The second rough cut and its Survey Monkey questionnaire I sent to 30 people in Facebook network. I was very selective towards the people I sent it to and I made sure that those people fell into the primary target audience for EYES: the mostly young adult demographic (mid teenager - pushing into the 30s). I made a point of sending the items to Facebook friends with different backgrounds and to friends who did not know me that well. This I felt would generate fair and vaired responses from my intended target audience. 

Ultimately, I have only received 14 replies, but the results of those replies are very positive and back up my original intentions for the web series. Below are the results of the completed questionnaires. 

Question 1
70% - what I intended.

Question 2

This is promising - there is a strong likelihood of viewers returning to watch more.

Question 3 

It is interesting to note that same response was recieved for Lianne. But, again, this is promising! The viewer has enough investment in the character to return to the show to see how that character is getting on. As with Boris, audience connection would increase with Lianne as more episodes were screened and the character developed further.

Question 4

The viewers have a good feel for the complexities of the show. This shows that the subtextual layering is having an impact.

Question 5

People seem to be split on this one, but that is okay - the viewer is not supposed to get it the first time around.

Question 6

Spot on!

Question 7

Spot on!

Question 8

While 1 minute is slightly worrying, it is nothing that a bit of trimming can't cure and not the end of the world! It's also interesting to note the peak around 15 seconds -  in the Pilot this is where a shift of realm takes place, where the subtext winks at the viewer.

Question 9

It's good to see that people are drawing multiple interpretations from the Pilot. Most of the these were intentionally imbedded in the Pilot, but I wanted the subjext matter to encourage new meanings. Validation of an intelligent web series concept!

Question 10

For a rough cut, I couldn't ask for better results!

Following on from what I have said elsewhere, these result are validation that I have been moving in the right direction with EYES and my vision of it being an entertaining and unigue web series. To understand just how promising these results are please view the rough cut 2 reflective commentary, as I explain my intention for the show and the type of responses I wanted from the audience.

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